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How Women of the World Impacts Women’s Lives

Women of the World provides hope, support, supplies, education, and positivity to hundreds of women refugees and their families. While most still have a long way to go, it’s important to hear how far they’ve come.

supporting refugee women like Chantelle

Chantal Munyamanzi


Genuine strength. Chantal is an incredibly strong single woman of two beautiful daughters. Even through the most difficult of times, her positive attitude prevails. She always acts according to her morals and is never looking for the easy way out.

supporting refugee women like Elisabeth

Elisabeth Ngaba


Elisabeth was born in Central African Republic. She arrived in Salt Lake City with her three children and her paralyzed mother escaping war, oppression, and poverty. She came here in search of a better and more fulfilling life for her children only to be led into what seemed like another vicious cycle of oppression.

Where Our Utah Refugees Are From

Our ladies come from all around the globe.

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Distorted Refugee Resettlement Map of the United States

Where Our Utah Refugees Are From


During times of war, women endure unimaginable suffering. Women are murdered, raped, and traumatized when their children are kidnapped. Women face poverty. Women battle social ostracism. Women live in fear of honor killings and mutilation, and fall victim to them. This vulnerable group suffers tremendously and in great numbers, accounting for 4 out of 5 refugees.

Despite the rising numbers of women and children seeking asylum, investment in refugees is inadequate. Only about 4 percent of overseas development assistance goes to gender equality and for every dollar of development assistance, just two cents goes to girls.

It’s essential to give women refugees and their families a place to go, a future to grab hold of, and a way to become productive members in the community. You can transform lives when you become a supporter of Women of the World today.