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An Ordinary Day at Women of the World

A parable of what we do at Women of the World There has been a little bit of rain overnight but not enough to water the plants outside the office. The plants are freshly planted, some of the first...

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The Stories We Are Told

The Stories We Are Told by Madeleine Gail Rex | May 29, 2017 | 0 comments It wasn’t until high school that I realized I’d been looking at the world backwards. My anthropology teacher projected on...

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Refugee Women’s Rights are Human Rights

What rights do human’s have to refuge? How far wrong is the value-claim that fails to extend any help to the victims of war and genocide? What has been our role in resettling refugees in previous administrations? What are the international legal precedents?

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WoW Loves Utah, Gives in Utah

WoW loves Utah, gives in Utah! We celebrate our central piece of the Rocky Mountain region, a union of the quite of outdoors entertainment and the rush of entrepreneurial growth. Our ladies are made to feel at home and know they have opportunities in Utah, so please give generously to our LUGU campaign this Thursday, 30 March.

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Women of Courage concerts from my perspective

Did you hear the Women of Courage concerts? One of the members of the Canyon Singers, Nan McEntire, shares her impressions of the experience. On March 17th and 18th Women of Courage, the musical creation of Patty Willis and Mary Lou Prince, came to life in Salt Lake City. Although there was no admission fee, donations were plentiful, and half of the amount collected at the door went to Women of the World. As one of the singers in the choir, I realized that Women of the World was the best possible organization to have benefitted from these performances.

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Women of Courage Concert

In the concert "Women of Courage" there is an unveiling of a monument of words and song. We dedicate our transcendental selves to reverence for those that nurtured our better future. On Friday, 17 March and Saturday, 18 March join us for this special celebration of Women of Courage.

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Modeling Our World – 2017 Women of the World Fashion Show

The 2017 Women of the World Fashion Show strove to model the world we desire: women from all nations showing off the uniqueness of their culture surrounded by the loving support of a community. The healing of this event is apparent as I look through the photos and enjoy the comments on social media.

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Saida Dahir: If I’m Silent, Hate Wins

Then it was Saida’s turn to speak. A sixteen-year-old refugee from Somalia who spent the first three years of her life in a Kenyan refugee camp, Saida escaped the turmoil and destruction in her native land to make a home in Utah with her family. Wearing a big smile, a black hijab with white stripes, and a “Black Lives Matter” sweatshirt, she strode confidently to the microphone. “I’m black, I’m Muslim, I am all these stereotypes. I’m a woman. My whole identity has been under attack.”

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The Many Meanings of Hijab

When asked why she wears hijab, Baidaa is quick to answer. “I wear it because I like to.” The twenty-something woman smiles as she demonstrates how to wrap her hijab. She first puts her hair...

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Because We All Need Hope

The images that flash across my computer today are all too familiar. Men, women, and children, their fear-drawn faces smeared with dirt and sunken with exhaustion, fleeing. Unimaginable horror and...

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We are all in this together by Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski

In her speech entitled, “We are all in this together” which Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s gave as the key note speech to the Women of the World 6th Annual Celebration of Women Refugee Success, she discusses the importance of standing together in community, of her conviction to work against the rhetoric that represented the campaign, and to help Women of the World in their efforts. "Nothing is more important than living in a safe and supportive community that upholds and protects our human rights."

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Celebration of Refugee Women’s Success

Celebrating the success of our refugee ladies feels great and motivates the rest of the refugee community. For our 6th Annual "Awards Ceremony," the community filled every seat and stood in every nook to welcome their new neighbors home.

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Stories of Courage – Elisabeth Ngaba

Elisabeth was born in Central African Republic. She arrived in Salt Lake City with her three children and her paralyzed mother escaping war, oppression, and poverty. She came here in search of a...

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Beautiful inside & out. Originally from Morocco, Layla has now made Salt Lake City her home. What I admire most about Layla is she is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is so generous,...

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Stepping Back From the Ledge As Sisters

“I want to kill myself. I don’t want to live anymore.”   What horrors did this young mother from Congo experience for her to utter these words in front of her young children?   Mami is a late...

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Stories of Courage – Zaina Kaboi

“Thank you mama.” If you ever have the pleasure of interacting with Zaina you are sure to hear this phrase multiple times. Zaina is from Congo and came to Salt Lake City 5 years ago as a widow. When...

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Celebrating and Honoring Our New Neighbors

This year the 4th Annual Fashion Show was themed around the popular meme “Stepping Up.” Women of the World is constantly looking for ways to highlight the progress that our ladies are making in...

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Stories of Courage – Mu Say

When I first called Mu Say to ask if I could write a short story about her and take her picture, she answered me quietly and in almost perfect English, “I am sorry but can you repeat that? I don’t...

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Stories of Courage – Kaltum Mohammad

A spice for life! When I first met Kaltum I remember being amazed at how passionate she was about spices, flavors, and all things cooking. I also remember how willing she was to share her delightful...

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Stories of Courage – Chantal Munyamanzi

Genuine strength. Chantal is an incredibly strong single woman of two beautiful daughters. Even through the most difficult of times her positive attitude prevails. She always acts according to her...

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Friends Wanted – 2015 Giving Tuesday

The holiday season is about care and compassion for those that have been turned out of their homes, that seek shelter in the mangers of foreign lands. Our refugee neighbors have seen the worst...

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Women of the Mountains Speech

Women of the World Founder and Executive Director, Samira Harnish, gave a Women of the Mountains Speech on the exploitation of refugee women at each stage of their journey to Utah: escaping from war...

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Artistic Workshop in Rug-Making

Artistic workshops are such an important way for the refugee women we work with at Women of the World to feel empowered. By providing a creative outlet for these women, we are not only opening up...

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3rd Annual Refugee Fashion Show

Women of the World’s 3rd Annual Refugee Fashion show was a resounding success!!! Women from all over the world modeled in this celebration of the beauty and courage of our new neighbors....

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