Refugee Podcast with Women of the World

Women of the World’s refugee podcast is a place where ‘our ladies’ can share their stories and aspirations and where we can highlight activities important to refugees and service providers in Salt Lake City, Utah and around the world.


Refugee Women’s Rights are Human Rights

What rights do human’s have to refuge? How far wrong is the value-claim that fails to extend any help to the victims of war and genocide? What has been our role in resettling refugees in previous administrations? What are the international legal precedents?

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Saida Dahir: If I’m Silent, Hate Wins

Then it was Saida’s turn to speak. A sixteen-year-old refugee from Somalia who spent the first three years of her life in a Kenyan refugee camp, Saida escaped the turmoil and destruction in her native land to make a home in Utah with her family. Wearing a big smile, a black hijab with white stripes, and a “Black Lives Matter” sweatshirt, she strode confidently to the microphone. “I’m black, I’m Muslim, I am all these stereotypes. I’m a woman. My whole identity has been under attack.”

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