Our Work to Enable self-reliance

Starting With Why

Women of the World is mission-driven. We believe our work is improved when we work with a sense-of-purpose and set clear goals for ourselves and our ladies. Founded by engineers, we are highly analytical and attempt to assess needs and program efficiencies with data.

Women of the World| Non-Profit for Refugee Women in Utah


To care about refugees is to recognize the divinity in the eyes of the most vulnerable, to engage instead of looking away.

Women of the World| Non-Profit for Refugee Women in Utah


We offer a supportive, collaborative planning service to help our ladies find the opportunities that will most quickly help them achieve self-reliance.

Women of the World| Non-Profit for Refugee Women in Utah


We are a boutique women refugee service provider taking on issues and providing capacity building at all times after resettlement.

Goals for Refugee Women in Utah

Goals are only the beginning for the women we assist. Once a goal is set the outcome is one of the best ways to measure for progress. Women of the World encourages and enables our ladies to strive for tangible outcomes like:

  • Educational advancement
  • Employment opportunities
  • English proficiency

We help them achieve these goals through our three programmatic offerings:

1. Customized Service: We recognize that the needs of each woman or girl requires personalization since resettlement is not a one size fits all process. We help fulfill these needs through customized service plans that cater to each woman’s personal needs. Our customized service model includes everything from PTSD treatment to legal assistance with immigration bureaucracy hurdles.

2. Practical English: English tutoring is one of the most important steps in giving women refugees the confidence to succeed post-resettlement. When women learn to communicate in English, not only are they better equipped to navigate everyday errands but they also gain a newfound voice to advocate for themselves and their dependents.

3. Economic Empowerment: Helping refugee women create resumes and polish up interviewing or job skills is essential to our work. But not only do we believe refugee women are highly employable, we also know that refugee women have an incredible potential for entrepreneurship. Whether it’s catering or handcrafts, refugee women possess the skills to achieve self-reliance and independence.

We couldn't do our work without our partners

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