000_5724-25 Reasons to Join Women of the World’s Email Newsletter


Women of the World’s free email newsletter is your source for women refugee news and event information.  Women of the World is a Utah-based refugee non-profit whose mission is to “support women of all nations to achieve their dreams.”  We do this by delivering customized human rights advocacy and service starting with intake and cultural integration, educating our new neighbors in English and job skills, and developing opportunities for them with employers or starting their own business.


Our free email newsletter offers the following benefits (and many more…)


  • Our newsletter subscription is full of the courageous stories of women who have struggled to bring their families to a safer place in Salt Lake City.  These stories are gripping accounts of humanity’s struggle against violence to find peace, of what a family will do for one another to find safety.
  • In our newsletter you will get a sneak peak into the events that are affecting refugees in Utah.  These events are open to the public and encourage cultural sharing that builds friendships while it educates both new and native neighbors.
  • We won’t be pushy!  However, we will offer you ways to support the advocacy of refugee women in support of them achieving their dreams.  Donations of money, time, or goods are all welcome as we help these wonderful women in their struggles against poverty, violence, and PTSD.
  • A way to connect to further the meaning in your life.  If you choose to volunteer with these gracious and grateful women, the rewards are immeasurable.
  • Our social networks have a lot of cool people sharing information and samples of their diverse and grateful lives.