volunteer to help refugee women
mentor a refugee woman

Mentor a Refugee Woman


Mentorship is the most demanding, yet most rewarding, volunteer program. The responsibilities are simply friendship — listening to the needs of the woman you’ve been assigned to and helping her meet them. Mentors should plan on at least a six-month commitment and forming life-long community!

teach refugee women English

Teach English


The most critical program in the Women of the World program portfolio, the English Tutoring program is critical to the success of our refugee clients. Training is not comprehensive, and the ability to innovate on the curriculum is necessary. Patience is the skill prized above all for this crucial work.

volunteer to support data and content for refugee women

Data and Content


Women of the World is always looking for great new ways to SHOW our success. Anyone that can move bits or make words dance can get real world experience in data science, web development, documentary video, podcasting, blog & print copy creation, and social media marketing. If you are interested in developing your skills on content and information that improves the lives of people directly and in a measurable way, consider joining our data and content team.

volunteering for events and administrative tasks

Administrative and Event Volunteering


There are many ways to get involved in volunteering at Women of the World! Click on the button below and you’ll get an invitation to our next volunteer orientation where you can learn more about upcoming events, donation drives, letter writing campaigns, and other opportunities to serve. Thank you.

volunteer orientation information

Mark Your Calendar: Volunteer Orientation


WHAT: Our next volunteer orientation.

WHEN: Monday, 4 December at 5:30 p.m.  (Always the FIRST MONDAY of the month.)

WHERE: Women of the World offices at 3347 S. Main in Salt Lake City, Utah

Your Volunteering Questions Answered

Review the questions and answers below for more information on volunteering.

Look to the individual volunteer pages linked below for the descriptions and requirements for our volunteer positions:

  1. Single Experience
  2. Online
  3. Weekly
  4. Monthly
  5. Program
  6. Full-time

Still can’t find your answers, contact us at volunteers@womenofworld.org

Becoming a Volunteer - A Step-by-Step Process
    1. When you are ready to join the WoW as a volunteer, fill out the volunteer application. Please note that due to the large number of volunteer applications that we receive, we are unable to accept all applicants.


    1. Get to know the Women of the World and learn more about how you can be involved by attending a monthly Orientation Session.  The information session is held on the first Monday of every month from 5:30-6:30pm at the Women of the World office located at:3347 South Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84115.


    1. At the Orientation, you will have time to speak to a Volunteer Coordinator and additional staff as required to determine whether there is an appropriate volunteer position available for you.


    1. Once you complete an orientation and agree to a suggested position with a Volunteer Coordinator, WoW will conduct a background check. Your volunteer placement will only be confirmed after your background check is cleared. Women of the World requests that you pay $19 toward the cost of your WoW background check before your first day of service. 
        • Background Checks are conducted online through Verified Volunteers.  After your orientation a Volunteer Coordinator will invite you to a Verified Volunteer Background Check.


        • (Note: If you are not working directly with refugees or their confidential files (i.e. back-office volunteering) there will not be a requirement to complete a background check.)


    2. When your placement is confirmed, a Volunteer Coordinator will work with you and the appropriate staff person to schedule your first day. All newly accepted volunteers are required to attend an orientation session to learn about office policies, confidentiality, and communication guidelines, and to make all efforts to participate in ongoing training opportunities.


The application process typically takes at least two weeks to complete (including the background check).

Please contact volunteers@womenofworld.org or 801 953 – 0008 with questions or to RSVP for the orientation session.

WoW Answers to LDS "I Was A Stranger" Questions

Women of the World is happy to welcome this wellspring of volunteerism and well-wishes into our organization. We are excited that our new refugee neighbors will benefit from the kindness and neighborliness of the Mormon community. Our ladies and their children welcome you into their hearts and homes. Women of the World is excited to be an “I Was A Stranger” women refugee organization.
“The relief effort ‘I Was a Stranger’ focuses on serving refugees in our local neighborhoods and communities. It is just one of many ways women, young women, and girls in Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary can lift and bless those in need (see Matthew 25:35; Leviticus 19:34).”
— Messages from General Auxiliary Presidents
This new webpage, answers some of the question from the lds.org website and steps through our volunteering process. With your help, refugees will be strangers no more.
From iwasastranger.lds.org, five Questions to Ask When Identifying Potential Organizations:
Whom do you help?
Women of the World helps refugee women and children from all over the world. We help them in their hour of need, no matter if that is in the first months of their resettlement or many years after they have come to Utah.
How are you helping them?
Women of the World offers three programs that help refugee women achieve self-sufficiency, they are Customized Service, Participatory Practical English, and Economic Empowerment. Women of the World is unique in that it offers custom solutions to the needs of refugee women. WoW attempts to first solve underlying problems and help our ladies learn and participate in English before we add tension into their lives and ask them to build their capacity.
What needs would you like to address but aren’t able to?
As a custom solutions provider, we would love to scale, to help more women without losing the boutique feel of listening to our clients, creating solutions, and then following through on our commitments — never taking no for an answer. That is where our volunteers and staff come in, scaling a personal approach to solving the nagging problems together with our clients so they can move onto using our programs that build them into contributing members of their families and our neighborhoods.
Beyond financial contributions, how can I help?
We need volunteers that want to give our ladies a voice and be their friends. Our ladies need friends to do normal activities in English like those suggested on the “I Was A Stranger” mainpage: make a new friend, do something you enjoy with someone new, invite someone to your family night, and help them learn a new language. There are no special skills required and you will be amazed how quickly they learn and how fulfilling an experience giving to your new neighbors is for both you and them. See our Volunteer Opportunities and FAQs for more information.
How do the services you offer help people to eventually meet their own needs?
Think about how often you deal with the government as a long-time resident of Utah. Maybe at the DMV and filing your taxes, but even these are now largely online. Even when you filled out these forms, did you feel like you learned something or was it frustrating? The clients of Women of the World have immigration, healthcare, social safety net, DMV, tax, and many other governmental appointments during their first 5 years in the country and the complexity of their interdepartmental problems is often overwhelming for attorneys and professional service workers.
We raise this issue because Women of the World feels like our ladies need to learn Practical English and their roles in their family and workplace through programs that focus on these important steps. We never ask our ladies to build their capacity in the morass of resettlement paperwork and meetings. Instead, we help them to learn English that they can confidently use with their children, schools, and employers. We work with employers and entrepreneurs to continue to raise our ladies into careers or into their own businesses.
Want to sign up to volunteer? Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.
Thank you in advance,
Samira Harnish
Founder and Executive Director, Women of the World

Service Project


Interested in bringing a corporate or church group together to support refugee women? Fill out the below form and let Women of the World know of your plans.

Academic Proposal


Want to interview refugee women or their service providers for a class project? Need women refugee data specific to Salt Lake County? Fill out the below form and let’s see if we can collaborate.