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Tracking the Impact of Our Activities

Women of the World was founded by engineers who understand the power of data. We are rigorous in measuring our activities and the correlated outcomes of our ladies, utilizing this information to improve and grow.

COMING SOON: Visualizations of WoW’s Data

Thanks to in-kind donations from Range CRM and Tableau, we are able to present the latest visualizations of our data.

Support women refugees
Distorted Refugee Resettlement Map of the United States

Our Logic Model


Women of the World designed its data collection plan around its business process in order to accurately track the outputs of our activities and the impact our activities and partnerships have on our ladies self-reliant outcomes. This logic model is directly married with our program cards and periodic client surveys enabling clear measurement, accurate analysis, and strategic decision making capabilities.

Women of the World is excited to open its data and data collection plan to the broader community of service providers, funders, and decision makers to enable collaboration and intelligent policy decisions. Furthermore, WoW is always on the lookout for data to explain issues impacting our community. Open source data and peer review of our annual reports ensures not only transparency but innovation.

Women of the World utilizes the scientific method to solve the dynamic and situational problems in our community. Please help to add your insights based on your review of our logic model, Tableau data, or annual reports.


Click on the pictures below to view the infographics that Women of the World uses to explain the life of refugees.

refugee data - refugee path to citizenship
refugee data - refugee vetting
supporting refugee women like Elisabeth
supporting refugee women like Elisabeth