advocate on behalf of refugee women

Speak Out

You can help spread the word about Women of the World’s work.

Legislation. Litigation. Activism. Editorialize. Repeat.

Instead of this text, imagine we are sitting together over tea and talking. Imagine that with us there are other ladies of all colors and creeds.

We start with idle stories but soon stick on our shared fears. We fear the future.

Wars ravage the world as they have done before. The USA is not a refuge. The mothers sitting with us have daughters and mothers still in the midst of barbaric genocide. 

What will you do?



Call your congressional representatives at both the Federal and state levels and let them know that you stand with refugee women and their families.  Locate all your representatives using this link. You can get phone numbers and a script, and contribute to activist analytics, at

activism through litigation



The Rule of Law stands supports liberty in the United States, and organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union bring this power to the fight against discrimination and governmental malfeasance. WoW is proud to partner and support the ACLU’s work.

protest alongside refugee women



Activism and protest ensures plebeian voices are heard over the din of power.  Click on this link for an index of events where you are.

editorialize for refugee women



The pen has never been mightier. Your truth can ring around the globe. Please share your thoughts with your local newspaper, or give us permission to, by publishing an article on our Facebook page with the #wowoped hashtag.

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“And you know what I saw, what I had to report, made war look so ugly. You know, the truth can be really powerful stuff. You’re not expecting it. Of course, another reason not to talk about war is that it’s unspeakable.”

– Kurt Vonnegut