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Supporting Refugee Women to Achieve Self-Reliance

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What We Stand For

  • Supporting Refugee Women

What We Believe That is Different

  • Empowering women is fastest way to enabling financially sustainable refugee communities
  • We ensure that the heartwarming and fulfilling nature of doing for others is conveyed in training women to be self-sufficient.

What We Do That is Different

  • Ongoing Support:  We are there for refugee women after their other caseworkers’ mandate has ended.
  • Customized:  Our services are unique to each individuals, since their needs and goals differ.
  • Woman Focused:  WoW is the only non-profit serving the unique needs of women in the refugee community.

What We Must Do

  • Supporting Case Management,
  • Partnering in Health & Human Rights Services
  • Support social network development & classes in English

Our Mission: Supporting Refugee Women to Achieve Self Reliance, Economic Empowerment, and a Voice in the Community

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